Feelin’ Good, Lookin’ Deadly



Feelin’ Good Looking Deadly is a pre-employment & job preparation program. Our program targets participants’ social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Our holistic program offers participants an opportunity to learn new techniques and tools to reach their full potential and aspirations. This program will guide participants to better manage their life commitments and create a more fulfilling work/life balance.

How does it work?
Our program is based on the concepts of adult learning which allows participants to create a pathway of knowledge and understanding that suits their needs in a culturally acceptable manner.

Why is this program a success?
Many job seekers are thrust into unfulfilling jobs that does not meet their financial and life quality needs which affects job retention and undermines people’s self-esteem. Participants are often obliged to seek employment but our program will make this experience much more rewarding. We will support participants in their job seeking arrangements through planning and education. By undertaking our program participants will be able to map out and set short term and long term realistic goals to establish the foundation of achieving their ideal work or professional aspirations.

Who will benefit from our program?

As an employer our Feelin’ Good Lookin’ Deadly Program will assist you in achieving your outcomes of supporting your clients to gain meaningful long term employment and career development. Whilst your clients have job-seeking requirements, we can provide the tools to build an effective partnership with your client to get the best outcomes for both your business and the job seeker.

Job Seekers
This program is suitable for men and women who need support to prepare for employment and planning your careers. Your life is not just about getting a job, it’s about creating life opportunities through employment and training with the ultimate goal of gaining sustainable fulfilling employment. Our program has key elements that assist job seekers to have a comprehensive understanding of their individual needs to make better informed life decisions.
By doing our program you will gain:-

  • Job search skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Conflict management skills
  • Knowledge on healthier, smarter and more rewarding choices
  • Information to build social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing into your life

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