Cultural Competency Training for Business

Finding a reputable and authentic Indigenous Cultural Competency Training provider has become a minefield. Willing Consultancy offers Cultural Competency Training developed and delivered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have firsthand experience and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural nuances and practices. By having this background we can deliver the most authentic training that will provide a deeper understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. Your staff will gain knowledge of Indigenous culture with practical outcomes to start implementing within the workplace.

To ensure you are receiving the high quality Cultural Competency Training Program our team will offer a comprehensive program to suit your target group which focuses on –

  • Australian and Aboriginal History
  • Mindsets affecting Government policies and its impact on Aboriginal Australia
  • Aboriginal Culture and cultural practices in both traditional and contemporary society
  • Inclusive workplace practices including cross-cultural communication
  • Global and universal view of cultural needs to increase best practice in cultural diversity

Our key objectives

  • To prepare and support your workplace for workforce diversity and Indigenous employment
  • To assist your business to design and implement tools and strategies to create a culturally safe workplace
  • Provide your business with information to implement policies and processes that will reflect a culturally inclusive workplace

Our highly engaging program will give staff a positive yet challenging experience. By the end of our training your staff will have a greater appreciation of Aboriginal culture and an understanding of the importance of workforce diversification.

Our team can deliver our Cultural Competency training program in the best possible arrangement to suit your business.

Contact Lisa Williams for more information about how she can assist you to create the Indigenous employment outcomes you desire